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Choose Onerahi Pharmacy to dispense your prescription.

Ask your prescriber to send your prescription to us and we will aim to have it ready when you need it or we can organise delivery. 

If your prescriber has sent  your script to your phone or email then you may forward directly to our script email which will print your script immediately in our dispensary for us to process.

If we have your cell phone number we will send you a text to let you know that the script is ready.

When we dispense your scripts we check the medicines for any potential drug interactions, inconsistencies with your regular medications, suitability for you based on the dispensing history and knowledge of your past medical history with us like previous adverse reactions or hypersensitivity reactions that we have on record. This helps keep you safe. Often people are receving scripts from multiple different doctors, GP, Hospital, Specialists. Choosing the same pharmacy for all your scripts helps us to help you. 


Repeats  -  Request  via the box below

If you want text reminders when your repeats are due then please ask to be signed up to our Script Reminder Service


Let us know if you need this urgently or require delivery 


Prescribers  - Please email your scripts through to

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