Ear Piercing

Available instore, no appointment required.

Our Earrings are either stainless steel or titanium, so are suitable for most people including those with  metal allergies.

The cost of Ear Piercing includes the cost of the Ear Rings, the proceedure and the antiseptic solution to take home.  The cost depends on which Ear Rings you choose, starting at $20 for the standard Gold or Silver Ball Earrings

At Unichem Onerahi Pharmacy we only pierce ears, and only people aged 6 years and over. Children between the ages of 6 to 16 require a parent (or legal guardian) to attend with them to authorise the proceedure.

New piercings should be left in for 6 weeks continuously after the piercing. New piercings can be  prone to infection, so hand washing is important before touching the piercing and regular use of the antiseptic solution is required (morning and evening), and after the area may have become wet (swimming or excercise). Ideally, avoid swimming in the first 6 weeks after a piercing.

Minor pain and redness can occur immediately after piercing. This usually settles within 48 hours. If undue pain/swelling/redness occurs, then consult your piercer or doctor immediately.


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