Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more common than you may think, and – contrary to popular belief – is not a condition that you need to learn to live with.

We can determine your suitability for ED medicines after a private consultation at our pharmacy. If suitable, we can supply your medicine on the same day, saving you a trip to the GP.

Appointments are not required, so drop in any time to speak with one of our accredited pharmacists.

If eligible for the supply of Sildenafil then a  consultation fee of $35 will apply, this must be repeated annually.

We can only supply men aged between 35 and 70 years old, who are nonsmokers and have blood pressure and heart rate within a nominated range. We encourage everyone to see their doctor for a heart check on a regular basis. There are other reasons where we may recommend referral to a doctor, including if you are on certain medications including 2 or more blood pressure medications. We do not charge a consultation fee that results in a referral to a doctor, so happy to talk to you instore about your options.

Each time you come in for a repeat supply, we will talk to you briefly about whether you have had any changes in health, any changes in other medications that you might be taking, any side effects and also how well the Sildenafil is working for you.  There is no fee on the resupply, just the cost of the medication.

We stock the Viagra and Vedafil brands and can order other brands on request


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