Prescription Fee Exemption

You will not pay prescription fees if you are a child, 13 years old or younger.

Repeats have no fee attached either , and some controlled drug scripts are exempt.

You are eligible for exemption from  the standard co-payment prescription fee once you have received 20  funded prescription items that have had a $5 prescription fee attached, within 12 months (1 February – 31 January). You can combine the number of prescriptions with members of your family, including your spouse and dependent children up to age 18 (or whilst they are still at school).  

Check with us today that we have your family all linked together,  and let us know if you have collected funded scripts elsewhere, so we can add them to your count. 

If you are having trouble with paying the script fees at the start of the year, talk to us.  You might be eligible for a WINZ grant, we can provide receipts for you  to take to WINZ, and/or we can help you set up weekly payments to spread the load across the year.  


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