Wellness Pack

Our wellness packs help you to stay well. Talk to us about what we can do to help make taking your medicine easier.

Choose some or all of the following services

  • we can line up your medicines so they all run out at the same time
  • we can create your own medico pack.
  • we can make up a  medication card which lists all the medicines you currently take
  • we can give you information sheets, and explain  the medicines you are on 
  • we can remind you when you need new prescriptions
  • we can send you a text to remind you to order or collect your repeats
  • we can dispose of any unused or expired medicine


Tell us what you need - we will help you to create your very own wellness pack

Unichem Onerahi Pharmacy Shop

The team at Unichem Onerahi offer you a professional approach to your healthcare, encouraging you towards positive changes for better health and wellbeing. We provide a broad range of services - from passport photos to health checks, medicine management, and answers to your questions and medication needs. If you require some help to better manage your prescriptions and medication.